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Why should you work with WeNow?

Sustainability made profitable, immediately.
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Improve driving behaviour
  • Be part of the energy transition

Our approach is simple

So your carbon footprint can be reduced in the long term, WeNow’s digital solution is based on the UN’s three-steps process:

  • Measure:
    WeNow keeps track of CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, and energy waste resulting from each driver’s behavior.
  • Reduce:
    WeNow trains your employees to ecodrive in a motivating way so they change their behaviour in the long term. WeNow also supports your fleet’s energy transition.
  • Offset:
    WeNow supports concrete projects that remove the same amount of CO2 from the atmosphere as the vehicles emitted.
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They are taking action (We)Now

  • « After just a few months, we have reached 17% fuel savings. Fuel is our 2nd highest cost item! We also reached outstanding results when it comes to road safety. Indeed, we have reduced traffic accidents by 50%. Our occupational doctor found out employees tend to drive slower on the highway. »

    Constant Charier, Projects Director @Charier

    17% fuel savings and 5 000 trees planted

  • « Reducing the carbon footprint, whether it is collective or the individuals’, is key to our CSR strategy. This tool can help us make a difference ».

    Christophe Bourreau, Managing Director @Crédit Agricole Anjou Maine

    2 000 Individual GHG calculation

  • « We have launched WeNow in February 2018 by providing the solution to all 66 Sodexo Pass France employees, on light and commercial vehicles. The solution meets 3 of our key objectives: reducing our fuel consumption, avoiding air pollution and offsetting CO2 emissions! »

    François Evrard, Office Manager @Sodexo Pass France
  • « By planting trees today, we are also extremely proud to act locally! It makes a lot of sense for our employees. It makes their efforts concrete. »

    Christine Allard, SANEF

    13 % economy

  • Our financial partners

    WeNow raised €1.3 million with, among others, the Raise Impact fund, that aims at supporting companies with ambitious projects that significantly change lifestyles, production and consumption habits.

  • WeNow is a UN « Climate Neutral Now” Program Champion
    Only French solution recommended by the UN

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